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Management should not mean endless SSH tunnels or VPN connections

A real problem with pfSense and other open source firewalls is the lack of unified management. This means administrators are often waiting for their SSH tunnels or VPN connections to establish before even gaining access to the device.

This says nothing to the monotony that is clicking through all the tabs and panes to actually make the change. Compound this over a number of devices and it could mean an entire days work just to update some rules or upgrade a package.

Mudmap unifies your devices

After connecting your device to Mudmap, you no longer need to log in to that device individually. It will display all the relevant information pertaining that device, similar to pfSense’s current user interface. You can also make changes, restart services or even reboot the device. Once back online, Mudmap will connect with it again, without any action on your part.

Things Mudmap lets you do without logging into each device manually:

  • View system information
  • View system information
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  • View and update DNS records, VLAN and Interface’s
  • Download latest configuration files for backup
  • View, update and delete firewall rules
  • Update firewall alias' lists
  • View state and table data
  • Configure traffic shaping
  • ..with more coming

Knowing that you can do all these tasks from one location, without the monotony of individual logins, why waste anymore time?

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