Managed service providers

How Mudmap can help

You’ve probably got some of these problems:

  • Have tens or hundreds of pfSense devices across several clients
  • Needed to configure one or several devices meaning you then had to login via SSH or a VPN, navigate the user interface, make the change, and then repeat that over and over again
  • Deliberately not used pfSense simply because it lacks unified management - even though it's the right tool for your customers

Mudmap has been designed to stop needless wastes of time and empower you, the professional, so you can deliver better service and value to your customers.

Manage multiple devices in one location

Mudmap is a single pane of glass that lets you connect your devices and view them in one location. It also allows you to manage them, not just view. Need to update a firewall rule, add an alias or delete a DNS server? Mudmap has you covered.

Remove the need to SSH in all the time

Instead of SSH’ing in or making a VPN connection, only to then have to login to the user interface, navigate to the item you need and then logout once done, let Mudmap do that for you.

Once Mudmap has made its initial connection to the device, it can SSH to it and make changes via its API as the service account user.

Using the API is faster, and leaves an audit trail. It uses a layered security approach with SSH as its transport layer and API authentication before polling the device for any information.

Don’t let the lack of a native pfSense management platform hold you back

Now that you can use a platform like Mudmap, it is possible to roll out pfSense to your customers and be able to provide remote management.

The cost of Mudmap is easily offset against such a feature - allowing your customers piece of mind that you can continue to support their business operations and network security.

Mudmap is tailored to MSP's like you

Out of the box it provides:

  • Remote network management, including updating firewall rules, alias', DNS records, and more
  • Service stop, restart and start functionality without logging in to the device individually
  • Decreased audit times through the single pane of glass overview of each device
  • The ability to update devices individually, or in bulk without logging in to each one

Put simply, Mudmap is the ideal solution for managing multiple firewalls across many customers

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