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Hey I’m Dan and I created Mudmap

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Australia, Dan and Finn the dog

I’m also the designer, engineer, marketing guru and customer support.

I never set out to make Mudmap a revolutionary product. I made it to make life a little easier and free up time for other things. It is the brainchild of many hours toiling away in SSH tunnels or OpenVPN connections only to make a small change, or conduct an audit. I wanted a central point of reference, to stop wasting my precious time, and I wanted to give you that freedom, too.

There is no board of directors, marketing team, or anyone else. It's just me, working to make this product better every day. If you email, or raise a support ticket you will get a direct response from me - someone who is intimately aware of how the system works and wants you to succeed.

I try to be transparent about what this product is and isn't whilst providing rock-solid service. I do this by publishing updates, maintaining a presence on social media and listening to your requests, and gripes. If there is a process or a feature that I can implement to make your job more efficient, reach out and email me at dan@mudmap.io

What Mudmap should be to you

  • A simple and easy to use tool for managing your pfSense firewalls.
  • Evolving - the features are continually being developed, and you should feel empowered to ask for more
  • Valuable in both time and money - if that stops being true, let me know even if you've already made your mind up to leave

Cheers from Australia,

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