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Mudmap version 2 is now available 🎉

- Written by Dan

Mudmap version 2 is now available 🎉

New year, new Mudmap. Today, version 2 officially goes live. So, what's changed?

Under the hood, quite a lot, actually. Almost all the updates have been informed by you, and I thank you for your ongoing support. Technically, the platform is rather different but those changes should be almost invisible to you. So then, what's going to affect you then?

Log in and Registration

It's changed - a lot. Previously, Mudmap handled all your authentication internally (don't worry security was not compromised - many businesses do this) but now, we've switched to a well known and regarded third party provider Auth0. This means Mudmap will offload the task of user registration and login to Auth0 with all the security benefits that provides. At this stage, Mudmap is only using their Username and Password authentication capabilities but in the future will be able to provide social authentication as well.

There is one downside, though. You will have to sign up again to create an account with Mudmap version 2, unfortunately this also includes re-registering all your devices. You can start the registration here

User interface updates

The dashboard has also undergone a make over. Some parts are the same but the general look and feel have changed. The biggest change has been to the Device detail page which now attempts to replicate the pfSense user interface's navigation bar.

mudmap demo of aliases

View this gif in higher resolution here.

Not all sections are currently available for this release. Crossed out tabs in the navigation bar indicate features that are coming soon but not yet completed. Once they've been finished, you will be able to access them - stay tuned for updates.

Device details can also be updated after registration now, too.


Some of your feedback centered around the ability to change the account email and payment email address. The association between the two was, in hindsight, brittle and not respectful for the at-times complex nature of business accounting. This new release fixes that thanks to Stripe, our new payment provider. When subscribing, you will be taken to a Stripe hosted payment window where you can enter your payment details. Once subscribed, all payment data will be handled by them. Updating these details can be done within the Dashboard inside the profile page by clicking on the Stripe Portal button.

What about Version 1?

It's being sunset and will be shut down on 1 March 2022. Until then, you are free to continue using it but no new features will be created for it. Security patches and updates will continue to applied as needed but apart from that, version 1 is no longer under active development.

I want to thank everyone who used it, and helped to shape the future of Mudmap.

What's next

More features! Currently, Mudmap is lacking features but thankfully, this update will make pushing these out to you much quicker. For the technically inclined, you can read up on the design decisions and technologies used in the upgrade. The next lot of features going under development can be found in the Roadmap, but if you have any feature requests please make a suggestion via email, or at our Github page by opening an issue.

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