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Introducing the free tier

- Written by Dan

Introducing the free tier

It has been a busy few days with a lot of new developments for Mudmap. Only days after the release of static IP addresses for your SSH connections, I'm announcing several other enhancements.

The Free Tier

Recently I have been thinking about the value metric and on-boarding flow for Mudmap. This platform is relatively new and lacks the social proof often seen on other sites. It does not offer a free trial, and I'm unlikely to ever do so. This can make new users weary, I mean, what exactly am I paying for and how do I know if it's a good fit.

Going forward, all accounts will be able to connect two devices for free. No time limits, no credit card up-front, just register with Mudmap and try it out. Only when you attempt to register your third device will you be prompted to subscribe.

Try it out today.

Interested in being a beta tester?

I am also offering a free 3-month trial for the first ten beta testers. All I ask in return is feedback and open dialogue. If this is something you're interested in get in contact.

Dashboard: Getting Started

Now when logging into the dashboard for the first time, instead of an empty table, you will be greeted with a page full of useful links.

Mudmap Initial Dashboard Display

The big introduction here, is to the documentation pages. If you're just starting out or a long time user, the documentation should always be your first port of call for any questions. It is also updated frequently.

Feature Request: Firewall Rules

This is in progress and due for delivery in July 2021. Here is a teaser of what its going to look like.

Mudmap firewall rule page

As soon as it is in general availability there will be an announcement, so keep informed by subscribing to the newsletter if you haven't already.

News and Updates

Mudmap is now on LinkedIn so be sure to follow the page for future updates as well. A roadmap has also been created and will be updated as new features are released. This is also a good way to engage and ask for features - is there something missing that you would like to see. If so, reach out and get it added to the roadmap.

Ready to give it a try?Sign up today.