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Reboot, shutdown and shell command execution now available

- Written by Dan

Reboot, shutdown and shell command execution now available

Without needing to log in to your devices individually, Mudmap now supports reboot, shutdown and shell command execution.

To see how these work in action, you can watch a demonstration video.

Command Prompt

The Command Prompt or shell execution feature is very powerful, letting users execute commands as well as then uploading and downloading of files on to your firewall.

Warnings and Consideration

Straight from Netgate, it is imporant to acknowledge that shell execution is an advanced tool.


Exercise caution using any of these utilities. Executing commands and PHP 
code improperly can render the firewall unusable. Use of this tool is not 
recommended except under the guidance of a support representative or if 
there is sufficient knowledge on the part of the user.

It is also important to understand that the command prompt is not interactive. Commands such as ping or tcpdump without a fixed end or return will run indefinitely and require manual clean up. Always ensure whatever command is executed in the command prompt has a definite return or stop.

Shut down and reboot

Rebooting the system will be enacted immediately meaning until it comes back online, Mudmap may respond with errors when viewing the device in detail. As long as the firewall does come back online, Mudmap will begin to function correctly once it can communicate with the device.

When shutting down the firewall, you must ensure you can start it again. Understandably, Mudmap will no longer be able to communicate with the device and will be unable to start it. I'd hate to see someone shut it down and be unable to start it again as they are not physically there.

Small features, big improvements

These features are small but play an important role in the management of a device. Mudmap is proud to be able to support these functions and will continue to add new features every month. If you're having any issues with these, or want to ask questions, please reach out.

Be sure to check out the demonstration videos over at the docs for the many other features Mudmap provides.

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