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A better way tomanage pfSense CE firewalls

Save time whilst securely managing your fleet of devices across multiple sites all from one location.

Mudmap dashboard overview


A better way to manage your security perimeter

Mudmap solves your pfSense® management problems

API Driven Access

Mudmap utilises programmatic access to pfSense® devices allowing for single or multi-device configuration.


At a glance, view your devices in real-time. Confirm the status of each device without opening an SSH tunnel or VPN connection.

Always Connected

Never skip a beat with Mudmap’s persistent connections. Let it be your Single-Pane-of-Glass to view the status of your devices.

Faster Response

Make a change in the dashboard and propagate it across as many devices as needed. Updating rules, alias' and more, is now easy with our interface.

Value for Money

Save time, money, and human resources by no longer having to open an SSH or VPN connection to gain insights or make changes to, your appliances.


Log in, make changes, and log out from anywhere in the world. No longer are you limited by SSH keys or VPN profiles tied to a particular asset inside your network.

All your devices in one dashboard

See the status of all your pfSense® firewalls from one page. You can also get a detailed view of any device that is accessible from the dashboard. View, create, update or delete operations you’re used to from inside pfSense’s own dashboard are all replicated within Mudmap. Everything in one location.

Inbox user interface
Inbox user interface

Replace all those mouse clicks with an API-driven approach.

If you’re tired of logging in and clicking through multiple panels and tabs then Mudmap has your back. Mudmap deploys an API to your firewall making remote manipulation easy. Now you can use one platform to view, update or delete records on your devices.

Security is paramount

The front door to your kingdom needs to be protected. That’s why SSH is used under the hood to tunnel all packets to and from your devices. Passwordless-SSH, API token authentication, and service-level user accounts are all used to provide a defence-in-depth approach to security. Your SSH keys and passwords are not stored and all actions within the application and on your device are logged for auditing purposes.

Inbox user interface
Inbox user interface

Built by an engineer for engineers

I’ve built this platform to serve those who use network security appliances every day. Security, ease of use, and time-saving efficiency have been front of mind. Mudmap is meant for engineers and business professionals - it should make you money by saving time and personnel dissatisfaction. If it doesn’t, be the change you want to see and get in touch. You will always have my undivided attention - you’ll never get an automated reply with 14 days SLA turnaround!

Connected devices from $4.5 a month

Pricing is calculated in a per-seat arrangement. You'll only pay for firewalls which are active on the platform.

We use a graduated pricing model so the more devices the bigger the discount.

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Graduated Pricing Tiers

Small Business

For the first 1 to 25 devices

$6 /mo

Medium Business

For the next 26 to 75 devices

$5.5 /mo

Corporate Plan

For the next 76 to 150 devices

$5 /mo


For each device thereafter

$4.5 /mo

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at anytime.

  • Only pay for what you use.
  • Full API access to the your devices.
  • One dashboard to rule them all
  • No lock-in - pay per month
  • Add and remove devices at anytime

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