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Mudmap servers are now static

- Written by Dan

Mudmap servers are now static

You asked for it. You can now secure your firewall even further with Mudmaps static IP addresses.

Static Server IP addresses

Mudmap's servers are now static, meaning you can lock down your devices SSH access. A load balancing service has also been implemented ensuring greater availability of the service.

Get Started

Detailed setup information can be found at the documentation site. This should be the first pit stop on your Mudmap journey. The guide details how to get started and prepare your devices for integration into Mudmap.

If you're already all over it and just need the IP addresses, they are:

  •, and

Ensure that both IP addresses are added to your rules as they are load balanced and failure to do so may result in errors.

I'm really happy to provide this level of security and assurance. As always, any questions or issues can be directed to me at the contact page.


Some handy resources:

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